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Had a great time at 312 Marketing. when I walked in for my first interview, music was playing, ESPN was on seemed like a pretty cool place to be. The great part was I got to talk to the president of the company, not many offices let you do that, usually its with some random Human Resources individual. I got invited back for a second round interview pretty quickly which seemed odd to me, so I did some research on the company, saw they were in direct sales and marketing. So I came back for the 2nd round interview, and we proceeded to go out and talk to people directly. After that they showed me the breakdown of everything, what I would be doing, the pay and everything involved. I learned that there was no cap on the commissions and I was like *** yeah, I can make as much money as I want. I got offered the position fairly quickly after the final interview and started. since then I've been promoted 3 times and I like what I do. I will say this, its definitely not for everybody. Direct sales is not the greatest thing in the world, but I will say it will teach you a lot more than any degree will. Its not everyone's cup of tea, it was mine, I have always been an entrepreneur and this gave me a better opportunity to achieve that. Pretty simple.
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Why would someone post a glowing review of a company on a website for 'p*ssed consumers'? I'll tell you why: because this glowing review is so obviously written by the company itself.

I started laughing as soon as I started reading. Could it be any more obvious. I don't think so!

And spare me the "Ohhh look at me, I got to talk to a CEO". Now that part really made me laugh!

Don't try to position it as if you met the head of Microsoft or Apple. You met a 20 something year old that runs a tiny office that does door to door sales and pays it's contractors (you are not employees) 100% commission. Who else was going to interview you? Their 'HR Director'???

LMAO again. Someone is not an HR Director by way of posting ads online and calling people on the telephone. I would call that person an appointment setter or a telemarketer. But if these kids want to exaggerate their job titles, OK none of my my business.

I agree. The job of walking about in all elements of weather, for hours on end, knocking on doors of people who aren't happy to see you, knocking on doors that someone else has knocked on many times before for the same reason, earning no base pay, getting 100% commission, no gas money, not getting to set your own hours even though you are considered an independent contractor (there are law about that people) and worrying about potential arrest for soliciting without a license...Yep, I agree, that job is not for everyone. Its definitely not for a seasoned sales professional who knows better. It is not for someone with real adult bills to pay and children to feed.

Its definitely not for people who need health insurance and other 'normal and standard benefits'. Actually, I am trying to think who the job might be a fit for and can't really think of anyone...

Pretty simple


So you walk around in all kinds of weather, earning 100 percent commission, knocking on doors. If you have a car, you do not even get reimbursed gas. Good luck paying your bills, hope you still live with mom and dad.

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Raleigh, North Carolina

A scam of a job

After graduating college with a degree in marketing, I received an email from this company for an interview. I added it to my list of jobs I was looking at, and before I knew it, they called me for an interview the next day. When I arrived at the office, everything looked very professional. A lot of fresh out of college kids, like myself, wearing suits and looking satisfied and busy with their jobs. My first interview was very quick, and looking back, misleading. I was under the impression that we would be designing and implementing ad strategies for AT&T's new product in the Raleigh area, and eventually move up to run my own marketing/advertising office. About an hour after my first interview, I was told that the president was very impressed with me, and wanted me to come back the next day for a 7 hour long interview. He made it seem like I was going to be meeting "the team" and "potential clients" to see how this business is ran. Needless to say, I was excited at this opportunity. After all, I was 22, told that in a year or so I would be a manager of my own company and making 6 figures a year. AWESOME. For my second interview, another employee took me out to "the field." Still in our suits, we got into his car and left to meet potential clients. He stopped at the first gas station to change. I thought this was weird, but whatever. When he came out, he was wearing a blue at&t shirt. Weird, but whatever. We finally got to wear our clients were: in a new neighbhorhood. Yeah, this "oppurtunity of a lifetime" they were trying to sell to all their interviewees was a glorified door to door sales job. I thanked them for their time, and I left. After doing more research, I learned that this office is affliated with CYDCOR. CYDCOR is an infamous sales cult company that uses deception to keep a revolving door of door to door sales people. Most of their offices close within a year. Don't waste your time if these people call or email you for an interview. Some other reviews I read about 312 say that they lie about your pay. Even though it's 100 percent commission based, they say you usually make 300-600 a week. If that's the case, then why is there a revolving door of employees?
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Thank you so much for this saved me a 2hr trip one way ..and a waste of a beautiful day...thank you


I've been looking for jobs since graduating and just got a call about an "exciting job opportunity" from 312 marketing that includes training and management opportunities. Seeing I haven't applied for this position and have been approached for this type of job (pyramid scheme esque), I was skeptical.

After setting an interview just in case my initial impression was wrong, I googled the company as I do for all potential jobs. I found only 1 star and 5 star reviews. Obviously the five star reviews are fake because aside from a couple 5 star reviews, that all sounded like they were written by the same person, the other reviews said it was a scam and trying to deceive individuals into a door to door sales job.

Looks like I won't be attending this interview which sucks because I really need a job. Thank you


Thank you for the heads up as they have been aggressively calling and sending e- mails


312 Marketing left a message on my cell. Thanks for the info.


thank you dude for writing this review i figure something was off they called me back for a interview literally 6 hours after i submitted a resume, glad i looked these guys up 2 hrs before my interview lol :grin


they just called me for a interview thank for your comments im not going now


I had the exact same experience! It was raining like crazy and I was freezing because I wore a dress.

I was unaware that we would be outside, so I thought it made sense to look nice. I was freezing and looked awful by the end of the night.


Ha! I am so glad to find your review. This was my exact experience with these idiots back in December.

I should have known something was up when I sent thank you letters to the office the day after my initial interview, only to discover that they had picked up and moved to a completely different office within 24 hours. WTF?

I traveled all the way from Charlotte to Raleigh for my "interviews" and literally had the exact same experience -- except while I was on my seven-hour "interview"(walking door-to-door in Apex), it began to pour down raining, ruining my hair (that I had just had done specifically for this interview) and leather heels.Yes, unfortunately, I walked for miles with these heels on.

After returning to the office, I gave my final interview, drenched from head to toe. They called me the final week to talk more about my job offer and I never answered.

Biggest waste of my time, energy and GAS ever.

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Rocky Mount, North Carolina

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